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Can Dogs Get Poison Ivy?

We all know that poison ivy is irritating to humans. But can poison ivy affect our canine friends? It turns out that yes, dogs can suffer from toxic ivy, although it isn’t particularly common. Learn more here from an Aurora, CO veterinarian.

Symptoms of Poison Ivy

The major symptom of toxic ivy in dogs is similar to the main symptom in humans: an itchy red rash. The rash is often accompanied by blistering and swelling. Dogs can also be affected by poison oak and poison sumac, both causing similar symptoms. The rash is most likely to appear on areas that aren’t completely covered by fur.

Treating Poison Ivy

If your dog is suffering from toxic ivy, you’ll need to bathe them with warm water and dish soap, oatmeal shampoo, or a dog shampoo designed to reduce inflammation. Wear latex gloves so that the irritating agent doesn’t come into contact with your own skin. Tell your vet if the problem continues.

Preventing Poison Ivy

Keep an eye out for the “leaves of three” that toxic plants are known for. That gives you and your dog the best chance for avoiding poison ivy!

Talk to your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO for more information.

Why Adopt an Older Pet?

Are you considering adopting a pet? Keep in mind that a puppy or kitten isn’t your only choice! In fact, there are many advantages to adopting an older animal. Learn more below from a vet in Aurora, CO.

Lower Energy Level

If you aren’t looking to keep up with an energetic young pet for most of the day, an older animal may be just the choice for you. Older pets simply aren’t as active as young ones, and will probably be content to relax most of the time.

Manners and Training

Older pets have worked through their chewing and scratching phases, and may already be trained if they’ve lived with other families previously. This is a big advantage for those who don’t have time to train a puppy or make sure a kitten gets litter-box trained. Some older pets might even know commands!

Save a Life

Of course, older pets need loving homes just as much as young ones. You’ll feel good about saving an older pet—visit your local shelters to see if a senior animal captures your heart!

Would you like more information about caring for an older pet? Give your Vets Aurora, CO a call today.