Keeping Pets Safe in the Home

Your home is a far safer place for your pet than the great outdoors. With that being said, there are a few hazard spots to be aware of! Learn more here from a vet in Raleigh, NC.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen probably already contains several foods that pets shouldn’t have, including chocolate, candy, gum, avocado, onions, garlic, grapes and raisins, and alcoholic beverages. There are also plenty of sharp objects—knives, graters, metal can lids, etc.—that could cut pets. It’s best to keep your pet out of the kitchen when cooking.

The Supply Closet

Bleach, household disinfectants, furniture polish, carpet shampoo, air fresheners—plenty of common cleaning supplies aren’t safe for pets. Never allow your pet access to the supply closet, and move them elsewhere if you’re cleaning with a strong chemical.

The Medicine Cabinet

Did you know that various medications meant for humans, such as aspirin, cough syrup, antidepressants, and all sorts of prescription drugs, can poison pets? Keep your medicine cabinet sealed and locked at all times, and store your own medications separately from those of your pet.

Would you like more safety tips for your pet’s good health? Contact your veterinarians Raleigh, NC professional for help.