Indoor Cat Exercise Tips

Do you have an indoor cat? It’s important to get them the exercise they need. Use these tips from an Omaha, NE veterinary professional to get your feline friend moving.

Cat Tower

Cat tower structures are great for getting your cat exercise, and cats are able to play on them whenever they’d like—even when you’re not home. These items have multiple levels and often come with built-in toys and scratching posts. Purchase one at your local pet supply store or retail outlet.


Cat toys provide your feline friend with hours of fun. What she may not realize is that she’s also getting healthy exercise in the process! Make sure your cat has a rotating selection of fun toys to keep her occupied and active.


Not all cats are keen on walking, but some enjoy it quite a bit. It can provide your indoor cat with a fun excursion into the great outdoors, and it provides good exercise. Talk to your vet for advice on choosing a cat harness and on getting started with walks.

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