Improving Your Pocket Pet’s Dental Health

If you own a pocket pet like a gerbil, hamster, guinea pig, mouse, or rat, it’s up to you to keep their dental health in check. The following tips from your Poway, CA vet can help you to do that:

Chew Sticks

Does your pocket pet have proper chewing items in their cage? Products like chew sticks are essential for some pocket pets, because they keep the teeth filed down. If rodents’ teeth become too long or sharp, they can begin to affect eating ability. Ask your vet to recommend a great chewing item for your pet.

Proper Diet

Great dental health starts with a healthy diet. Feed your pocket pet a commercial pellet food or an appropriate equivalent every day. Many pocket pets’ diets can be supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains as well; ask your vet for specifics.

Veterinary Visits

Of course, there’s no substitute for regular veterinary visits to keep your pocket pet’s dental health—and overall well-being—in peak condition. Schedule an appointment at your local vet clinic Poway, CA today to make sure that your pocket pet stays healthy for a lifetime. We are here to help with all of your veterinary care needs!