How to Deal With a Smelly Pet

Let’s face it—sometimes, our animal companions smell. If you think your pet’s odor has gotten out of hand and you’d like to correct the problem, follow these tips from a Glendale, AZ veterinarian:


Many times, a simple brushing regimen is all that’s needed to curb pet smells. Not only does brushing remove loose fur from the coat and get rid of grime, it spreads essential skin oils throughout the fur to moisturize it naturally. This gives your pet’s coat a healthy sheen and can help to control pesky odors.


The occasional bath—always using a canine- or feline-formulated shampoo, of course—is another great way to get your pet smelling fresh again. Never use human shampoo, as it may be too strong for your pet’s skin.

See Your Veterinarian

If you still can’t seem to block your pet’s odor, it may be time to see the veterinarian. Many medical issues, from skin infections to parasitic infestation, could be the root cause of your pet’s odor! You’ll want to have your pet examined and treated if anything is found.

Does your pet need a veterinary exam? Your Vets Glendale, AZ is here to help—make an appointment today.