Caring for Pets When It’s Hot

When the temperatures rise, make sure to keep your pet’s safety in mind—summertime is chock-full of hazards for our furry friends! Use these tips from a veterinary clinic Wake Forest, NC professional to keep pets happy and healthy during warm temperatures.

Indoor Time

The easiest way to make sure your dog or cat stays safe is to keep them indoors for most of the day. In air-conditioned comfort, there’s no risk of dangerous heatstroke or dehydration. Your pet will be happiest spending time with your family inside.


Whether your pet is indoors or out, make sure they stay well-hydrated. All you have to do is provide a large dish of cool, fresh water at all times. Check the bowl periodically to see if your pet’s water needs refreshed or refilled. On extremely hot days, you can even add an ice cube or two!

Exercise Smart

Don’t exercise your pet in the middle of the day when it’s hottest outside. Instead, have them play outside in the morning or evening hours, when the sun isn’t directly overhead and temperatures are a bit lower.

For more summertime safety tips for pets, contact your animal hospital Wake Forest, NC.